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            Not only benefits from productivity improvements can be reached . There are other many costs (indirect, inquiries...) oftenly not controlled enough or kept for historical reasons in an inadequate level.

            Carrying out a systematic study of costs and their contribution to results; i.e., no cost is justified unless proven otherwise. Thus, it is possible to question all the costs on the basis of their contribution, considering their coverage at the lowest cost for every need.

            Another factor to consider is the suitability of the product that we offer to the current reality of the market. Techniques  as  Analysis of  Value are used to achieve this.

            Value analysis is a method for designing or redesigning a product or service, in such a way that it ensures, with minimum cost all the functions that the customer wants and is willing to pay, and only these, with all requirements and no more.

            This method results in a better adaptation to the market, and saving costs at the same time.